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  • Thank you to Assisted

    Thank you to the Assisted team who tackled their biggest challenge yet for Heartlands CysticFibrosis Centre . In the span of three and a half days, the team of five walked 84 miles across difficult landscapes, raising over a thousand pound our the charity.

  • Thank you to Cystic Fibrosis Care

    We would like to thank Cystic Fibrosis Care for their ongoing support of our centre. Patricia Kilpatrick Director of the Cystic Fibrosis Care Charity visited the centre recently to present a cheque for £15 000 to Dr Nash and members of the CF Team.

  • Electric Fans will no longer be provided in hospital

    Due to recent recommendation by NHS England, our Infection Control and Prevention Team and Ward Manager have advised that we are no longer able to provide fans in clinical areas.

  • Don't forget about salt during the warm weather

    Don't forget about salt during the warm weather. As we experience warmer weather or if you go on holiday to a warm or hot climate,it is important you remember to take salt tablets and drink plenty of fluids.