There are 4 consultants within the CF multi-disciplinary team: Dr Whitehouse,  Dr Rashid, Dr Neil Patel and Dr Laura Jones as well as a Respiratory Registrar training in CF and usually a CF Fellow.

When you come to CF clinic you will meet one of the doctors, although you will not always see the consultant. The doctor will assess your symptoms and the results of your investigations in order to advise you on the best way to optimise your health. If you need to be admitted to hospital, this will almost always be straight into one of the en suite rooms on ward 26.

In the case of an emergency admission, we always endeavour to find you a bed within 24 hours, although this may initially be on another ward such as the Acute Medical Unit (ward 20). In these circumstances, we will move you to a bed on ward 26 as soon as possible. When you are admitted, you will be assessed by one of the doctors and your medications will be prescribed. You will be seen by one of the consultants within 24 hours of your admission. The doctors will then see you on a regular basis to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome from your admission.

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Joanna Whitehouse

Joanna Whitehouse, CF Consultant and Centre Director can be contacted via her secretary:                                   Pat Bayliss on 0121 424 1746

Team members

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  • Joanna Whitehouse

    CF Consultant and Centre Director

  • Rifat Rashid

    CF Consultant

  • Neil Patel

    CF Consultant

  • Laura Jones

    CF Consultant



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