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Our centre aims to deliver high quality care with our committed and enthusiastic CF team. We hope you will use this website to find out about CF care, fundraising and charitable events and details of your CF service.

Creon Supply

We are aware there have been some supply issues with Creon 25 000.  If you have any difficulty obtaining Creon 25 000 from your local pharmacy, please continue to try and request your prescription, alternatively you may need to have Creon 10 000 for a short period of time. Please use this conversion chart to help you dose Creon 10 000. If you require any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Creon 40 000 has now been discontinued and will be unavailable after June 2019. More information from Mylan can be downloaded here.

From the Blog

Would you like to help fundraise for our CF Centre? Not sure where to start or how you can contribute? We are holding a get together for anyone who is interested in finding out about our fundraising activities on Saturday 22nd June at 2pm.

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