Coming Into Hospital


What ward will I be admitted to?

You will be admitted to Ward 26. This is a purpose built ward for adults with cystic fibrosis. It consists of 20 single rooms, all with en suite facilities. Four of these rooms are located in a separate area, away from the main ward, for patients suffering from more resistant infections. We also have a fully air-conditioned gymnasium.

What should I expect if I am admitted to hospital?

Sometimes you will need to be admitted to hospital so that you can have some help receiving your treatment. When a date of admission has been agreed, the ward will contact you between 09.00 - 13.00 on that day to inform you about when a bed will be available for you and the time you should arrive on the ward.

What do I need to bring in from home?

  • The usual everyday clothes/nightwear
  • Toiletries
  • Insulin pens and pen needles
  • Insulin
  • Blood sugar monitors and blood testing strips
  • Air compressor and pots
    • NIV machines
  • All nebulised medication including Dnase and Tobi
  • Any airway clearance equipment e.g. flutter
  • Extension sets for gastrostomy button
  • Your own spirometer
  • Gene modulator medication e.g. Kaftrio
  • Ipad, own laptop, chargers ( These items are brought in at your own risk)

What are the visiting times?

For up to date visiting times please refer to the University Hospitals Birmingham - Heartlands Hospital website

Can my visitors stay overnight?

Family or friends are allowed to stay overnight in special circumstances only. This must be discussed with the nurse in charge. If permission is given for family or friends to stay overnight a relative's room is available on Ward 26. Children are not permitted to stay overnight on the ward or in the relative's room in accordance with trust policy.

When will I see the doctors?

There is a consultant ward round twice a week and a registrar review on the other days.

What is available to me during my admission?

  • A laptop computer with internet access and TV channels
  • Your own fridge
  • There is free parking for individuals who receive certain benefits. A 20 exit parking pass may be purchased for £10.
  • There is a cash machine, outpatient pharmacy, Marks and Spencer’s food hall and café in the main entrance of the hospital.

Am I allowed to use my mobile phone?

The use of mobile phones is allowed in patient rooms. However, they should not be used during treatment times and ward rounds.

Can I bring my own food into hospital?

All inpatient rooms are equipped with a small fridge which can be used for storing your own food and drink items that you may wish to have brought in from home. Please read the ward food policy to find out what type of foods can be brought in.The hospital food policy does not allow food brought in from home to be heated or cooked on the ward.

Can I leave the ward?

If you wish to leave the ward, it is essential for safety reasons to ask the nurse in charge; informing them of where you are going and at what time you expect to return. If you are going out for the evening you need to return to the ward by 10.00pm and be in your own room by 10.30pm. This is to enable night medication to be administered in accordance with hospital policy and allow time for you to settle before the ward lights are turned out. Click here to view or download the ward code of conduct.

Am I allowed to have contact with other CF patients?

You are not encouraged to have contact with other CF patients in clinic, in hospital or socially. If you do, you are potentially putting yourself at risk of acquiring new infections as well as putting others at risk of acquiring your infection. This may cause your health to deteriorate.

CF centre patio

Our balcony is an open-air space for the use of CF patients. Patsie and Jayne, our housekeepers, plant and tend to this area and thanks to them it's a bright and cheery place overflowing with colour especially in the summer months. The annual bric-a-brac sale organised by ward staff, raises funds for gardening supplies and Patsies’ green fingers keep flowerpots in full colour ensuring a brilliant display year round.


During your stay on Ward 26 you will be given use of a Laptop. This is for Internet usage.

You will be given a disclaimer to sign agreeing to comply with hospital regulations .

A safe is available in each room to ensure equipment is kept safe at all times. When going to the bathroom or leaving room for exercise/shop etc, please ensure the laptop is placed back in the safe to avoid theft. Failure to do so will result in an immediate ban of using the CF unit's laptop for a cumulative total of a maximum 6 weeks inpatient stay.

Before you go home please ensure the laptop including power leads, are placed in the safe ready for next patient.