Pancreatic Enzyme Supply Issues

7th May 2024

We have been advised that Creon, Nutrizym 22 and Pancrex V pancreatic enzyme capsules may be subject to fluctuating supply issues over the coming months

We are aware that many of you have already experienced some difficulty obtaining a supply of your usual pancreatic enzymes. An update was issued by the Department of Health and Social Care on 9th May 2024 regarding the ongoing supply issues of pancreatic enzymes e.g. Creon, Nutrizym. To summarise the statement:

1.       Supplies of Creon 10,000 and Creon 25,000 are in limited supply until 2026

2.       Nutrizym 22 is out of stock until mid August 2024

3.       Pancrex V capsules and powder are available but unable to support the increase in demand

We are currently in talks with our pharmacy about securing supplies of unlicensed preparations of pancreatic enzymes and we should know more in the coming weeks.

If you are struggling to obtain your usual pancreatic enzymes from your local pharmacy, we would suggest you do the following ;

1.       Contact alternative pharmacies in your area to fulfil your prescription as some pharmacies are still able to obtain supplies.

2.      If your pharmacy require a new prescription to supply you with an alternative preparation, please request this from your GP.

3.       If the above steps are unsuccessful, we will be able to  provide you with a small supply of pancreatic enzymes from the hospital pharmacy. Please contact the CF Pharmacist or CF Dietitians who will arrange this for you.

4.     If you experience any symptoms of malabsorption such as fatty stools, abdominal pain, bloating or other bowel symptoms, with an alternative preparation - contact the CF team for further advice.

5. You may find our dosage guidance for changing to a different pancreatic enzyme product useful, you can download it here