Social Work

The team’s social work service is here to help with many everyday concerns that may affect people when they're living with CF, to try and make a bit life easier.

Our role is to provide support, to advise about social resources and how to get access to these.

We get involved in a wide range of issues that adults with CF have to deal with, such as:

  • Transition – Supporting young adults from paediatric to adult care.
  • Education - applying for student grants or benefits and making sure your college or university know about any specific needs that might arise due to having cystic fibrosis
  • Employment - looking for your first job, thinking of changing your job or reducing your hours, knowing about employers’ responsibilities and about benefits you might be entitled to claim while working
  • Finances - claiming benefits such as Disability Living Allowance and finding out about any other allowances that might be relevant to you, depending on your health and/ or your financial circumstances
  • Housing - understanding your options when you're wanting to move into place of your own and whether you're eligible for any grants to help you get settled in
  • Transport - finding out about the Motability car scheme, vehicle tax exemption, the blue badge scheme, grants for driving lessons, travel pass concessions, help with hospital travel expenses
  • Personal care - getting advice about care packages if you're having difficulty managing at home or about support for carers
  • Holidays - being aware of any grants available and getting information about travel insurance
  • Benefits – Offering support with form filling and advice when claiming benefits.
  • Bereavement and End of Life support - This is aimed at both families and patients when facing this difficult time of life.

Get in touch

The CF social work service can be contacted on the following numbers:

Telephone: 0121 424 2998
Mobile: 07740 066704


Team members

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  • Jacqui Wainwright

    CF Social Worker

  • Kaywane Wickham

    CF Social Worker



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