The primary role of the pharmacist is to promote safe, appropriate and cost-effective drug treatment. Your pharmacist will review all the medication you are prescribed and provide information and advice on your medicines.

In clinic your pharmacist may check your prescription to ensure it is correct, before it is sent to be dispensed by the outpatient pharmacy.

If you have been prescribed home intravenous antibiotics your pharmacist will discuss the prescription with you.

Prescription requests

Please call 0121 424 1732 at least one week before hospital only medication is required.

Please leave your name, date of birth, details of medication you require and date of planned collection.

Other enquiry details

For any urgent queries please contact pharmacy 0121 424 2470

Outpatient Pharmacy can be contacted on 0121 424 0118

Get in touch

The CF Pharmacy service can be contacted on:

Telephone: 0121 424 1732

Switchboard: 0121 424 2000
Bleep: 2312 or 2310

Team members

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  • Baljit Ahitan

    Principal Pharmacist

  • Shradha Shah

    Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacist



Useful resources

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