What should I expect when I go to the outpatient clinic?

We have outpatient clinics everyday of the week. You will be given an appointment for the relevant clinic, according to your sputum results. On arrival at the clinic you will need to book in at the reception desk. You will then be allocated one of our clinic rooms, where you will remain for the length of your visit. This is to help prevent cross infection.

A nurse or respiratory technician will then perform a series of tests, in your room, before you see the doctor. These include height, weight and oxygen saturation levels. Whilst in the privacy of this room, spirometry (blowing tests) and sputum specimens will also be obtained. You will then be asked to remain in this room for the duration of your visit. The CF team  will come and review you in this room.

The first time you attend the outpatient clinic you may be here for a couple of hours. This is mainly due to the time that the consultant and CF team will need to spend getting to know you and going through your current treatments. The doctor may also want to organise some routine investigations such as an x-ray and blood test.

Annual Review

Your annual review will be combined with one of your usual clinic appointments. If you require a glucose tolerance test or  any scans, a separate appointment will be arranged for these.

Clinic appointments at the Adult CF Centre

Clinics operate on an appointment system. We ask you to arrive at the clinic 10 minutes before your appointment time. If you have an unavoidable delay, please ring clinic reception on 0121 424 1693 to let us know - we realise that many people have to travel quite a distance to get to clinic. To minimise waiting time patients are seen in appointment order and not arrival time.

In order to keep our records up to date please inform the receptionist of any change of address, telephone numbers and next of kin. This is important information for us to have if we need to contact you.

When you have finished in clinic please hand your appointment slip to the receptionist. A follow on appointment will then be sent to you by post.

How do I re-arrange or cancel my appointment?

Please remember to telephone and let us know, in advance, if you are unable to attend your hospital appointment. Our clinics are extremely busy and are often booked up for weeks in advance. If you let us know in good time, your slot will not be wasted and we will be able to offer the appointment to someone else. When patients phone for an appointment, we do our best to fit them in as soon as we can providing there are clinic slots available.

If you wish to discuss or re-arrange your appointment please ring Joanne Watson - Clinic Receptionist on 0121 424 1693. Alternatively you can contact us by email:
Cystic Fibrosis Outpatient Clinics

Please click here to download our clinic timetable.

Other clinics

Regular Transition Clinics:

Joint Obstetric: Thursday PM (monthly)

Liver Clinic: Thursday AM (monthly at Queen Elizabeth Hospital)