Not Forgetting Family

26th March 2018

Many people with long term and life limiting conditions will require some help and support from their family members at some point in their lives.

Family members rarely consider themselves as ‘carers' but instead as just completing their roles as loved ones.

Within CF centres, the focus of much of the care is understandably on the person with CF and how best to treat their symptoms. However CF almost always impacts on whole families be it parents, siblings, partners or children. It is important for all family members to look after their own needs as well as the needs of others.

Emotions can be a big stressor for family members. You may feel angry towards CF for the impact it has had on your family's life, anxiety about what the future may hold or sadness about the losses or changes which have had to happen in your life. Giving yourself permission to focus on you can be difficult at times but can be important in allowing you to still be there to support your family member(s) with CF.

Whatever the emotional difficulties there is help for you. The CF Psychology service is available for family members to support in managing emotions around CF related issues. Seeking support as a family member will not impact on the care of your loved one in any way, although it hopefully will help make life at home a little easier. If you would like to find out more about how the service could help you please contact us.