Merry Christmas From All of Us

20th December 2021

We hope you enjoy reading our Christmas message and poem written by Catherine Brown Physiotherapist.

Ho Ho! At last its Christmas on ward 26....................

The CF team are here making sure we stay on the ‘nice’ list,

Saying goodbye to 2021- another strange year,

So many on Kaftrio, hooray we all cheer!

We still await modulators for all and will continue to fight,

With so many new treatments on their way the future looks bright,

We have seen such a change- less IVs, weight gain, better spiro and more energy for many,

Our physios are now searching for sputum and often struggling to find any!

Dieticians now offering weight loss advice,

‘Maybe say no to the Christmas cake when offered your 3rd slice’.

The social workers supporting everyone now and in their future ‘what to do’s’,

All are hoping to have a CF psychologist in post again in 2022!

Our Drs are flat out coving CF and doing everything else needed

The CF nurses flushing ports, answering (many) calls, and making sure that all bloods are completed

Our admin team have had success despite facing great challenges

The pharmacist chasing TTOs, home deliveries and working out allergies

Health hub is here to support people do nebs

Especially when your time is precious and motivation ebbs

Even at Christmas we have clinics, annual reviews and ward patients still coming

The ward nurses call bells are continually buzzing,


This poem is to really remind you that we are all still here,

Even at Christmas, during Covid peaks and at Happy New Year,

If you need us please just call,

We hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and send our love to you all,

Over the Christmas period, a normal CF service will continue with the exception of weekends and bank holidays. If you are unwell over the weekends and bank holidays of the Christmas period please contact ward 26 on 0121 424 0226 and speak to the nurse in charge.