Your Weight and Kaftrio

16th November 2020

Dietary advice for CFTR modulator therapy from your dietitians

Many patients gain weight after they start taking Kaftrio©. There’s a few reasons why you may gain weight :

1)     Your appetite may be improved

2)     You may have less frequent chest infections or periods of appetite and weight loss

3)     You may have less abdominal symptoms and be able to absorb your food more effectively

So what does that mean for you?

The recommended BMI for people with CF is 22-23Kg/m2 as this is associated with better lung function, health and life expectancy. You can check your BMI here.

If you are below this recommended BMI, weight gain with Kaftrio© will be beneficial to your health and lung function.

If you are around the recommended BMI, some weight gain may be beneficial. We recommend you, monitor your weight because you may need to adjust your calorie intake if your weight goes above the healthy range (a BMI of 25Kg/m2 or above).

If your BMI is above 25 kg/m2 before you start taking Kaftrio©, we recommend you monitor your weight and make adjustment your calorie intake if you are gaining weight. This is important because the additional weight you gain with Kaftro© will not be beneficial to your health or lung function.

However, everyone has a weight they are comfortable with – if you have any concerns about your weight please contact your CF Dietitians for support and advice.

How can I adjust my calorie intake to prevent excess weight gain?

In order to prevent excess weight gain, you will need a moderate reduction in your calorie intake. For example, reduce the portion size of the food you are eating, avoid high calorie snacks and have fresh fruit instead, have lower fat and lower sugar choices. These changes may lead to alterations in your Creon or insulin doses.                  Download our Healthy Eating for Healthy Weight information here.

Increasing your physical activity level and doing some exercise can also help.

We know Kaftrio© is changing the health of people with CF a lot and adding in these changes to your diet can be complicated.. These dietary changes may affect your Creon doses, your diabetes and the types of foods you take with your Kaftrio©.

If you are concerned about weight changes or need advice about adjusting your Creon or Diabetes medication to match any dietary changes you have made please contact your CF Dietitians.

We are here to help you go through your diet and create individualised plans just for you.

Information on taking your CFTR modulators with fat containing foods.