Don't forget about salt during the warm weather

1st July 2022

Don't forget about salt during the warm weather.
As we experience warmer weather or if you go on holiday to a warm or hot climate,it is important you remember to take salt tablets and drink plenty of fluids.

Our bodies normally respond to increasing temperatures by producing sweat which cools us down and triggers the thirst mechanism, stimulating us drink more fluids. However when you have cystic fibrosis, not only do you lose an increased amount of salt in your sweat but you may be less likely to feel thirsty.

So remember your salt tablets (Slow Sodium 600mg),add extra salt to your food and eat plenty of salty snacks. Remember to stay hydrated too. Choose drinks such as water, squash, and as these are more hydrating in preference to caffeine containing drinks such as tea, coffee and cola.