Electric Fans will no longer be provided in hospital

17th July 2019

Due to recent recommendation by NHS England, our Infection Control and Prevention Team and Ward Manager have advised that we are no longer able to provide fans in clinical areas.

If you require a fan during your hospital admission you will need to provide your own from home.

Your own fan will need to be safety checked by the estates department before you are able to use it. They have asked if you can ensure your fan is in good working order otherwise they will not be able to endorse it’s use.

When you are admitted to the ward, let the staff know that you have your own fan with you, our house keepers Jane or Patsy will arrange for the safety check as soon as possible, ideally on the same day.

It will be your responsibility to clean and take care of your fan while in hospital.

Fans brought in must not be shared with other patients on the ward.