3D-CF Study

24th October 2018

Sally Palser, CF Fellow is recruiting patients for her study investigating hearing problems as a consequence of treatment with IV antibiotics such as tobramycin.

Hi, I’m Sally Palser,  a respiratory doctor with a special interest in CF. I became interested in CF when I worked at the CF unit at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth as a junior doctor.  I’m training as an adult respiratory doctor and am now doing CF research to gain valuable experience, meet some very interesting people and occasionally go to exotic places to present my research.

This project is invaluable because too many people with CF have developed hearing damage as a consequence of treatment with IV antibiotics such as tobramycin.  This treatment has been brilliant for keeping people with CF exacerbations healthier but we now know more about the side effects we have to do something to prevent it happening to other people.

We are trying to find a way to test patients’ hearing without sending them for yet more appointments.  If it works our new test can be done in 5 minutes in the clinic or on the ward.  We can then investigate anyone flagged as needing further tests with a formal hearing test but everyone else would be saved from yet more appointments.

But I need your help!

I’m looking for people over the age of 11 who are coming to clinic for a routine appointment or who are starting IVs.  You would have a new hearing test and a standard hearing test.  It takes about an hour to do.

If you’d like any more information you can email me at sally.palser@nottingham.ac.uk or phone 0115 823 0992.  Alternatively your clinic team can let me know you’re interested and I can get in touch.

Thanks for your time reading this and please get in touch if you’d like to help!